Scope of activity

Company is specialized in the following main production areas:

  • Pipes from polyester resin and glass fiber (GRP), with sizes DN 25 to 4000 mm and pressure PN 0 to 50 bar absolute.
  • Structural reinforcement of reinforced concrete columns and beams with carbon fiber and epoxy resins.
  • Pressure pipelines for Hydropower plants.
  • Cooling systems of TPP and NPP.
  • Pipes for refineries, pipelines, water treatment plants etc.
  • Stacks of polyester resin and glass fiber (GRP) for energy and chemical industry.
  • Receptacles and tanks of polyester resin and glass fiber (GRP), circular with a diameter of up to 15,000 mm, square and rectangular.
  • Machinery and know-how.
  • Installation, installation supervision and training.

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Corel ID Ltd. designs and develops each machine for the production of the GRP pipes. We make use of filament winding technology.

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Address: Sofia 1612, Lagera district, Troyanski prohod Str., Building 58

Mobile: +359 88/ 8515782