About us

Corel ID Ltd. is a Bulgarian company, which was founded in 1993. Throughout the first years of its creation its main occupation is in the field of trade, consultancy and mediation. Since 2009 our company operates in the field of installation, dismantling, testing, warranty and maintenance of glass reinforced plastic (GRP) products equipment.

GRP is a lightweight, extremely strong, and robust material, which is why we use it in the manufacturing of different products varying from pipes and fittings to storage tanks, vessels and other custom designed items.

The company has wealth of experience in Bulgaria and abroad. We have completed numerous projects in Bulgaria, the Netherlands, Vietnam or or Saudi Arabia. Our most common clients are thermal or hydroelectric power stations.

Our production is the first of its kind in Bulgaria which allows us to become a competitive manufacturer for the construction of infrastructure projects in the Bulgarian market. Corel ID Ltd. is one of the few companies in our country which produces GRP products and equipment and the only one which has established a unique laboratory for testing them.

The laboratory was created in 2013 and is equipped with computer operated machines which use the newest and most advanced technologies to test mechanical performance, tensile strength, stiffness, tension and hardiness of fiberglass products. The integrity of the testing process is ensured by other equipment such as Drying and heating oven, Furnace for burning FRP samples, Analytical balance for heights, etc.

We have strict quality, environment, health and safety control measures in place. That is why we are certified according to ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 for installation, dismantling and testing of GRP products.

In April 2013 our company became member of the Bulgarian Construction Chamber, which increases the legitimacy and transparency of our work and qualification and helps us improve our construction abilities.

In order to become to become more competitive and better implement the needs of our clients, we believe that the professionalism of our staff is a prime requirement. For that reason since 2011 our technical staff is certified according to TUV - DVS 9220 - Certificate of the Qualification Tests for Laminating Personnel.

Scope of activity

Company is specialized in the following main production areas:

  • Pipes from polyester resin and glass fiber (GRP), with sizes DN 25 to 4000 mm and pressure PN 0 to 50 bar absolute.
  • Structural reinforcement of reinforced concrete columns and beams with carbon fiber and epoxy resins.
  • Pressure pipelines for Hydropower plants.
  • Cooling systems of TPP and NPP.
  • Pipes for refineries, pipelines, water treatment plants etc.
  • Stacks of polyester resin and glass fiber (GRP) for energy and chemical industry.
  • Receptacles and tanks of polyester resin and glass fiber (GRP), circular with a diameter of up to 15,000 mm, square and rectangular.
  • Machinery and know-how.
  • Installation, installation supervision and training.